How to effectively memorize vocabulary?

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In the light of the increased globalization ranging from the commodity trading business to culture, many people have poured to learn foreign languages with the hope of keeping communication with foreigners fluently for the sake of their businesses or career prospects.

As the language learner, however, most of us might find learning foreign language other than mother tongue is a painstaking task to do. We start wondering how to master the language and adopt it into our daily life as the way of native speakers do. It has been a taxing question for those who are learning foreign language.

As a matter of fact, “Rome was not built in a day”. When you are engaged in a large project, you must be patient. You cannot expect to finish it quickly. Similarly, learning foreign language is a process which you have to dedicate and put much effort to. Having said that, with the appropriate method, you could learn a foreign language with ease and in a less time than you previously thought. Following are some tips you can adopt constantly and correctly in order to discover how easily to acquire a great deal of words of your language choice.

·         Creating a sentence from some words or some short phrases.
You will need bricks to build a house. Similarly, you will need single words or vocabulary to from a sentence. Hence, vocabulary is both essential for communicating and writing.

·         Listening, mimicking and putting them in practice.
Listening and mimicking should go together to grasp words faster. Whenever you listen to new word, repeating it and adopting it as much as possible.

·         Bringing along a dictionary wherever you go.
Use a quality and comprehensive dictionary to guide your grammar. Whenever you see a new word, look it up in the dictionary and use it in your daily life.

·         Asking whatever you do not know.
Do not hesitate to ask questions. It is no doubt that the more you ask, the more you grasp the words, the better you are.

·         Understanding the culture.
Apart from learning the words or vocabulary, understanding the culture of each language you have learnt should be recommended. The case is true when looking at those who understand the cultural background  of the particular nation, they can better acquire more words in order to promote the better use of the language.

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